Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Makeup Quest

My teenage daughter today asked me if I felt that I should try some new makeup.  It was a subtle hint.  She said "it's just that sometimes it looks like you just slap it on  your face and don't blend it in properly."  Well thank you.  So it's time to look for something new and to improve my application technique. 

First, a bit about my over 50 skin.  It's not bad, but it's pretty pale, and I have had skin cancer removed from my nose.  Therefore, I like a makeup that has a SPF, is fair in tone, but that gives solid coverage to my nose, without looking caked on or oily.  A dewy glow, like those "Real Housewives of Vancouver" or wherever will leave me looking bumpy.  Matt finish for me!

I am trying Almay Smart Shade anti-aging in light 100.  I love the SPF of 20, and I love the way that it applies and changes colour as I put it on.  I'm thinking though that perhaps I am applying it too sparingly, or that it's just not the right product for me as I do not think I am fully covered.  I do not find that I get any bad skin results from it, it's just that I think I could achieve more coverage.

I also recently tried Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind, Primer and Eraser.  (Creamy Ivory 120).  It doesn't appear to have any SPF,  but the anti-wrinkle roll-on looked like a cool idea. I do love the texture of the primer all over my face.  It disappears quickly without leaving a shiny look, and I do believe it plumps up my crows feet - helping them to fade.  However, for me the primer should not go on my nose.  It seems to plump up my little scars and pores, making them more obvious.  As for the roll on make-up, the applicator feels really nice, but honestly, I fiddle with it endlessly and can never get the stuff out of the bottle.  I don't have time to find my reading glasses everytime I put my makeup on!

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